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Hiking excursions in the path network of the island can be organized with the assistance of an experienced and accredited mountain guide and you will have the chance to combine night sky watching, agricultural visits, religious tourism or visits to various archeological sites
(You will have the opportunity to come in contact with the tradition and the history of the island while visiting the generous Amorgean nature and its beautiful beaches.)

Visitors will also have the opportunity to schedule therapeutic and relaxing massage sessions as well as meditation, tai chi and yoga, qi gong classes delivered by certified specialists , either in our or their beautiful and relaxing space in the Aegiali area.

Nearby the accommodation there functions a training club for diving and canoe kayak, run by an experienced trainer who, along with safety and a pleasant atmosphere, will offer you an unparalleled swimming experience of diving and exploration of the famous and rich sea beds in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.