“Amorgi Studios” combines tranquility, the contact with the Amorgean nature, convenient access both to beautiful beaches and to the picturesque village and port of Aigiali. In the village you will be able to find the market for your everyday needs, gift and souvenir shops, local products and a great variety or restaurants, cafes and bars.

“Amorgi Studios” is located 200 metres from Aegiali beach and 800 metres from the port. As a visitor you can also enjoy the sea, by a few-minute walk at nearby paths or either by car as well as travel by a small boat to neighbouring beaches like, Levrosos, Psili Ammos, Chochlakas, Mikri or Megali Vlychada, grabbing the opportunity to find yourself closer to nature in secret places that a few visit.

Do not forget to visit the picturesque villages of Potamos, Lagada and Tholaria, built on the slopes of the mountains that embrace the port of Aegiali. The transportation to or from ‘’Amorgi Studios’’ can be done either by your private car, taxi, the local bus or through hiking paths of natural beauty.


Amorgos, the easternmost island of the Cyclades, was one of the most important centers of the Cycladic civilization. The three island cities, Minoa, Amorgos, and Arkesini enjoyed considerable prosperity during the archaic period, with the arrival of the Ionians, as its geographical position made it an important destination from and to the Ionian coast of Asia Minor.

The island's name allegedly comes from the word "Amorgi", a plant which produced a special weaving thread for the stitching of the famous Amorgians tunics (Aristophanes, Lysistrata). According to another version, the name "Amorgos" refers to the special color of these tunics, which was later identified as red.

Our rooms

Three levels and free space around the house is to provide for communal entertainment places with garden and a view to the sea. There you can also find picnic tables under the shadow, communal barbeque and a free parking lot for the visitors of Amorgi studios to enjoy.


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